Arboretum Silverleaf Income Fund, L.P.

The Arboretum difference is the client experience.

A client-focused way of doing business.

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  • This is a “blind-pool” offering because we have not specifically identified our investments and likely will not have done so at the time you invest. As a result, you cannot evaluate the risks of, or potential returns from, any of our investments at the time you invest.
  • Our lack of operating history and our General Partner’s and our Investment Manager’s limited operating history decrease your ability to evaluate your investment.
  • We will not apply for an advance ruling from the Internal Revenue Service as to any federal tax consequences of an investment in us, and if the Internal Revenue Service classifies us as a corporation, you will lose tax benefits.
  • Since there is no public market for our units, an investment in our units is considered illiquid. You should be prepared to hold your units for the life of the fund, which is anticipated to be approximately six to eight years, but may be longer.
  • You will have very limited voting rights, and you must rely on our General Partner, our Investment Manager, and their affiliates to manage us.
  • If we borrow funds to make investments, we may need to divert our cash flow from operations and distributions to service our indebtedness.
  • A prolonged economic recession or changes in general economic conditions, or both, including fluctuations in demand for equipment and other portfolio assets, lease rates, and interest rates may result in delays in investment and reinvestment, delays in leasing, re- leasing and disposition of equipment, and reduced returns on capital.
  • Our performance will be subject to the risk of lease and other investment defaults. Uncertainties associated with the equipment leasing and financing industry may have an adverse effect on our business and may adversely affect our ability to provide you any economic return from our units or a complete return of your capital.
  • Our success will depend in part on our ability to realize residual value from a portion of our assets and equipment once the leases on those assets and equipment terminate.
  • Our General Partner, our Investment Manager and their affiliates will receive significant compensation from us, which will reduce distributions to you.
  • There are potential conflicts of interest between us and our General Partner, our Investment Manager, and their affiliates.
  • You may incur tax liabilities in excess of cash distributions you receive from us in a particular year.
  • There are material federal income tax risks associated with this offering.