For Our Vendor Partners


Offering flexible finance options to help you take care of your customers.

Arboretum Commercial Finance is a partner in multiple vendor programs that are competitive and customized to accommodate any industry or equipment type. Our vendor program can help close sales with clients who do not have financing and provides you with a reliable partner who will respect your client relationship.

Why work with Arboretum?

We partner with vendors across the country to help them support their clients with flexible funding options for
equipment or asset acquisition. We help you and your clients grow. Here are just a few of the benefits working
with Arboretum provides.

For Your Customer:

  • Competitive rates.
  • Highly responsive. We offer quick approvals and expedited documentation.
  • A dedicated relationship manager. Your client will benefit from a single point of contact who will walk them through the process step by step – simple, fast, and easy.
  • More financing options. We’re a complement to your existing lending partners that can serve as an alternative lending source.
  • A business perspective. Unlike a bank, we look at your client’s business as a whole when evaluating them, not just their financial performance.
  • Structuring flexibility. Our financing options allow for interest only payments, deferred payments and other structures to accommodate your client’s cashflow.
  • A highly experienced team. ACF is led by professionals with decades of experience in equipment finance and highly structured transactions who are able to provide sound financing solutions when traditional lending sources can’t.


For You:

  • Tailored financing options. The flexibility of offering Arboretum’s bespoke solutions that meet both your and your client’s specific needs.
  • Experienced legal team. We are able to do all of our underwriting and documentation in-house.
  • No additional cost to you. Leverage our finance options for your and your client’s benefit and let us do the work.
  • A trusted partner. With our deep industry and financing experience, we’re a team that both you and your customer can rely on.
  • Increased margins. Under certain parameters, we are able to offer a finder’s fee to our vendor partners.



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The Arboretum difference is the client experience.

A client-focused way of doing business.

The only definition that matters is your definition of client satisfaction.