For Companies Seeking Equipment Solutions

Why Arboretum?

We’ve been working on flexible asset-backed financing solutions with our clients for nearly thirty years. We understand the frustration growing companies can experience when they pursue financing solutions through traditional lenders. We are focused on helping our clients acquire the assets they need to continue to thrive. Our team works with each company to find the best financing solution for their specific needs. Our strong reputation, deep expertise, and superior service help us establish a relationship of mutual trust with each and every client.

Here are just a few reasons companies come to us to support them as they grow their business:

  • We understand your business. We offer deep enterprise expertise for businesses in equipment-heavy industries.
  • We’re invested in you. We approach asset-backed lending as a sound and innovative financing vehicle which enables us to provide growth capital to strong management teams with solid business models in need of revenue-producing (or cost-saving) assets.
  • We appreciate your business is unique. Just having industry expertise isn’t enough. We take the time to understand all the ins and outs of your business.
  • We’re flexible. We are not restricted to formulaic, cookie-cutter transactions. We take a private equity-like approach to investing backed by the collateral and security of equipment financing.
  • We’re focused. By targeting our energies on transactions with in-house equipment professionals between $1MM and $10MM, our mission is to support businesses not sufficiently served by traditional financing companies and banks.
  • We offer turnkey solutions. When access to inexpensive capital is limited, our equipment financing provides a less capital-intensive solution for business owners to acquire equipment. When business cycles are strong, our equipment financing activities increase with the growth of businesses.

The Arboretum difference is the client experience.

A client-focused way of doing business.

The only definition that matters is your definition of client satisfaction.