Equipment Manufacturers and Vendors

We partner with you to serve your clients.

You have the perfect equipment solution for your customer, and they’re ready to buy. In fact, they need your equipment to meet their own client needs. There’s only one problem. Your traditional lending sources aren’t able to help.

Perhaps we can. Arboretum Commercial Finance (ACF) offers off balance-sheet funding solutions that can step in when traditional lending sources can’t. We do this by partnering with you to take a holistic approach to evaluating your clients’ needs and developing a responsive financing strategy. We directly support your customer’s financing needs. You close the sale and retain a valued client.

We value our vendor partners and share your commitment to helping your business customers thrive and grow. We’ll sit down with you and your customer to determine the best finance solution for them then walk them through the application and evaluation process. We handle everything in-house, so it’s simple and quick. As experts in both industry and equipment financing, we make it easy for both you and your clients.

If you’re ready to explore leveraging our alternative financing strategies for your customers, call us.

Here are just some advantages to partnering with Arboretum for your customers’ alternative financing needs:

  1. Every vendor partner works with a dedicated and expert team member.
  2. We personally walk your customer through our simple application and approval process.
  3. Our experienced legal team performs all of our underwriting and documentation in-house.
  4. We are focused on our long-term relationship.

If you have ever lost a sale for lack of a funding solution, call us to learn more about how we can help both you and your customer with our asset-based financing solutions.

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